Photography: Vesna Pavlović
Photography: Vesna Pavlović

Play for Life 
Performance-presentation by Polyphony Theatre and authors and programme participants
Concept and dramaturgy: Ivona Janjić, Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić, and Boris Čakširan.
The participants of the performance are the authors and the participants of the 21/22nd Bitef Polyphony, who present they programmes and involve the audience in the journey towards the promised theatre with baggage which holds our treasure, i.e., our stories.

Play for the Planet
Art Performance by Mimart Theatre
“Play for the Planet” is a part of the project “Interpolations”, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia
Nela Antonović (concept): Fire steals eternal fire from itself
Anđelija Marković (costume), Ivana Stefanović (music)
Performers: Ivana Koraksić (Fire), Marko Nektan (Water), Lidija Antonović (Earth), and Strahinja Padežanin (Air)

Performance by Dah Theatre
The performance links gardening, care for plants and earth (lat. terra) with stories of migrations and migrants, and explores the effort, pain and adjustments it takes to be “transplanted” during the process of migrations, especially when it is forced.
Concept and Direction: Jadranka Anđelić
Performer: Ljubica Damčević
Video: Una Škandro
Research: Teodora Barać

Afterwards: refreshments and chatting about the programme, concept, and the participants.