LUCIA VAN HETEREN (1961) is Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the University of Groningen. She studied French literature in Aix-en-Provence, Utrecht and Paris, Literary Translation in Göttingen and Theatre-, Film- and Television Studies at the University of Utrecht. Her  main research- and teaching areas are dramaturgy, performance analysis and contemporary theatre. She lectured among others in Helsinki, London City University, Turin and Tel Aviv.

She wrote several books on developments in theatre in the 20th century and co-edited publications on the position of art in society. (Nieuw Cultureel Burgerschap (2006), Fight for the arts (2011), Sobodna Nizozemska Drama (2013)) With Maaike Bleekeer she founded the Dutch academic series Theatre Topics (Amsterdam University Press). Her articles are published in different magazines.

She was part of a diversity of juries and advisory committees, among which the VSCD Jury Acting Awards, the selection on the most remarkable productions of the year for the Theatre Festival in Amsterdam (2007-2014) and the Fadrj Theatre Festival (Teheran, 2018).

From 2012 to 2017 she was advisor for the National Performing Arts Fund that provides financial support on behalf of the government.  Since 2020 she is member of the committee Festivals of the Dutch Arts Council.

She is Chairman of the board of Theaterkrant Magazin (professional theatre magazine) and  (journalistic critical platform) and the Dutch representative of the International Association for Theatre Critics (AICT-IATC).